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Hear from Some Happy Clients We’ve Helped

“Provided us with many new hires and enabled us to avoid project delays”

“We were having difficulty finding developers to meet our needs. We were a bit skeptical about working with a company we hadn’t heard of before. But we were soon impressed with your account manager’s ability to match resources to our very specific requirements.

Within a very short time you provided us with several candidates with the specific technical skills we were looking for.

You’ve provided us with many new hires. This has enabled us to fill the gaps and avoid project delays.”

Daniel Rosati,
Director IT, Nestle - Gerber Life Insurance

“Saved us time sourcing candidates for hard-to-fill positions”

“Our challenge has been finding candidates for our hard-to-fill positions. These are hybrid positions that are not common in the marketplace. You made it a point to learn about our needs and processes. You've always been accommodating when it comes to special requests or changes. I got positive feedback from candidates regarding working with your organization. You have saved us a lot of time sourcing candidates.”

Kevin Polstra,
Talent Acquisition Partner, Darden

“Provided us with good candidates that wanted to relocate to our area”

“Our biggest challenge was finding good candidates that wanted to relocate to our area. We worked with many other staffing firms that tried but failed to produce any results. We decided to try your company because you focus in IT job placement.

When we first started working together, you listened to my needs and provided good candidates.

We were able to hire experienced, hard-working candidates for a reasonable wage.”

Michelle Lefeld,
Application Technology Manager,
Crown Equipment Corporation

“The quality of the candidates you brought us saved thousands of dollars”

“I found Experthiring via a Google search after I was unsatisfied with the candidates other agencies were submitting.

We had challenges finding qualified personnel. At first I was hesitant to work with your company because you aren’t local. But I had nothing to lose since I didn’t have to pay a fee unless you found someone for us.

I instantly started getting a ton of potential candidates from you. Your company stood out and was extremely responsive to our questions. I suddenly had options of who to hire.

The candidate I decided on is one of the best hires I've made. He has taken on every technology and mastered it. He gets his work done and doesn't require constant supervision.

The benefit of working with you is the time we’ve saved weeding through resumes. The quality of the candidates you brought us saved us thousands of dollars. We now have a qualified and experienced individual working for us. It has been a pleasure.”

Kelly Ethington,
VP Operations, CTS Technology Solutions

“Helped us hire the right person within a week”

“We were having trouble finding the right candidates to fill our positions – and we needed to fill them quickly.

We were attracted to your firm because you only recruit IT positions and because there was no fee unless you found a suitable candidate. Your rep was very friendly, responded quickly and the candidates were sourced within 24 hours of our request.

We were able to identify the right candidate, get the agreement and all paperwork in order, and hire the person within a week.”

Allison Lewis,
HR Manager

“Saved us at least a couple of months in the hiring effort”

“Backend engineers are not easy to source, so we were experiencing challenges in hiring them. You helped find resources that would have taken a very long time otherwise.

We have saved at least a couple of months in hiring effort, as you provided us high quality candidates.”

Rakesh Bhatnagar,
Head of Software Development, Picarro Inc.

“You provided us with an excellent range of candidates”

“Until I worked with your agency, I thought all recruitment agencies were similar in their hit or miss approach to finding the right candidate.

We couldn’t find suitable candidates for a specific position through our normal channels. You provided us with an excellent range of candidates and gave us regular progress updates throughout the process.”

Jon Smiles,
Product Development Manager,
Chambers Travel Management

“I saved a tremendous amount of time not having to search for and screen the applicants”

“Your rep’s communication style is refreshing. He was someone I wanted representing our company to potential applicants. He was polished, experienced, and a real pleasure to work with.

He immediately familiarized himself with my expectations, our company culture, the person currently holding the position, our company's long and short term goals for the department, current department strengths and areas for improvement. He also provided valuable insight throughout the process.

The skill set we were looking for was unusual. Eric only presented qualified candidates in line with the set requirements. He provided a candidate that has proven to be an ideal fit to our organization. I saved a tremendous amount of time not having to search for and screen the applicants.”

Kelly H Fulton,
Human Resources Manager

“Saved a lot of time and got our company a very qualified applicant”

“Our biggest challenge was getting a pool of qualified candidates. I was impressed with how well organized and knowledgeable your company is. You provided consistent, regular communication and dedication to provide us with the qualified person that we needed. You saved us a lot of time and got our company a very qualified applicant with the IT and transportation experience we needed.”

Lynette Duley,
Human Resources Generalist

“Saved us so much time finding the right people”

“Our biggest challenge was trying to filter and read through hundreds of resumes.

Working with ExpertHiring provided us at least 70% in time savings finding the right candidate.”

Bobby Gibson,
Chief Technology Officer, Opoli Technology, Inc.

“Produced a solid candidate with very little work on my part”

“Our biggest challenge was finding a key employee in an area outside of our main location. We were having difficulty finding someone with the right tactical and interpersonal skills.

There was very little work needed on my part. We had a phone meeting to review our requirements, and ExpertHiring took it from there. They produced a solid candidate that fits well into our organization.”

Rick Hudson,
VP of Operations, Pearlman Group

“Saved time and we were able to place candidates quickly”

“We needed to fill several technical positions. Your rep was prompt, responsive, and presented us with good candidates. Your recruiter’s strong technical knowledge helped find candidates that met our needs. You helped us save time and place candidates quickly.”

Michael Rogge,

“Efficient and responsive. We enjoy working with them.”

“ExpertHiring has been doing something amazing. They understand the brief and provide candidates that match. You would not think this was a revelation, but for many of those that recruit, it is; it means they don’t waste my time. They are efficient and responsive and we enjoy working with them.”

Alistair Mylchreest,
Gateway 3D Ltd