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Our Proprietary 8-Point ExpertHiring Process

1 We get a thorough understanding of your job

  We use a proven checklist and discovery process to get to the essence of what you are looking for. What will the new hire be doing on a day to day basis, what essential skills are needed, what are the nice to haves. We then prioritize the skills. Our process is so thorough that it often helps our clients better define what they want in a candidate.

2 We develop a job description that attracts quality candidates

  We have recruited for more than 24,400 IT jobs and have seen our fair share of job descriptions. And for the most part the jobs descriptions we’re given pretty much suck. Your job description is your advertisement to attract the candidates you need.

  In this highly competitive IT market, your job description needs to stand out and get the right candidate’s attention. No wonder why most companies rarely get any quality candidates from job postings on job boards and on their corporate career pages. We take the information from the discovery process and use our proven strategies to create a job description that generates on average a 300% increase in response.

3 We find candidates other IT staffing agencies can’t

  We invested millions of dollars developing our in-house sourcing technology. It compiles the world’s talent and makes it easily searchable by our recruiters. Our recruiters are quickly able to find candidates that are not actively looking.

  The person you want is probably working somewhere else right now

  Studies show that even if not looking, 70% of people presented with the right opportunity at the right time would be open to another job.

  We find the cream of the crop – not the people who just got fired.

4 We initiate an email marketing campaign

  After our recruiters shortlist candidates for your position, our proprietary system will initiate a multi-step email campaign to promote your position to these candidates. Typically a single email is not going to cut it, so we have an automated email campaign that connects with the candidate multiple times and increases their response rate.

5 We post your job on over 100 job boards

  If we are working on your job on an exclusive basis, we post your position on over 100 job boards like Indeed, Career Builder, The Ladders, CW Jobs, Simply Hired, Monster, and Dice. We know all the major job board secrets! This allows us to get a 200-300% increase on qualified applicants using our proven job posting strategies.

6 We leverage LinkedIn

  LinkedIn is the social media platform where most of the candidates you want hang out - and we are experts in LinkedIn recruiting. Our recruiters employ specific messaging strategies to connect with your ideal candidates through user groups that they are members of.

  If we work with your requirement on an exclusive basis, we initiate an ad campaign on LinkedIn promoting your opening, targeting the precise talent you are looking for

7 Expert candidate screening process

  You will get more than just a resume from us. Our candidates complete a self-assessment skills matrix specific to your job so we know precisely if they have the skill and experience that you need. Our IT recruiters review their assessments and score the candidates based on their responses. See an example.

  The candidates we present to our clients


are pre-screened

have the required skills for the job

are a good cultural fit for the organization

are interested in the opening

8 We are your advocate through the on-boarding process


We work with you to schedule interviews. Our interview scheduling system, which includes text message and email reminders, has resulted in less than a 1% no-show rate for interviews. No more wasted time!

We keep you updated on submitted candidates. In this tight market, candidates are interviewing at multiple spots. We keep you abreast of any changes in availability of the candidates that we have submitted. Because we notify you early, you also have a chance to expedite the interviewing process to avoid losing the candidate to another company.

We work with you to negotiate salary. We are experts in salary negotiations and we help you hire top talent within your budget.

We work with HR departments to ensure all on-boarding documents are completed and the candidate reports to work on time at the right place.


Our proprietary 8-Step ExpertHiring Process has enabled us to be the top staffing agency for 90% of our clients!